1. Fully Responsive

The first idea of the iFlame collection was to take fire, as an elementary symbol of energy and play with all the things around to create icons with different meanings.  

You can see the flame as lovely and warming — a homely fireplace — or: as dangerous — a house on fire.

The fire in your heart (or simply love) can be soft and sweet if you take good care, but it can also turn to shatters easily. The collection embodies a long game of icons, symbols and words: god’s love, god is love, cupid’s arrow, twin hearts, the blooming roses heart, the signed hearts with names and dates used in fashion, tattoos, poetry, songs etc. Wonder firebird and two kissing birds on fire — how intense and important is the hope for people to escape from reality. How manic and obsessive the culture of Christmas, religion, fast cars, and sports can be..

As for the packaging — what’s the best box for fire? Haha, easy answer: a match box! Memory of The Little Macht Girl full of symbolic visions:  light, warmth, home, hope, Christmas, a shooting star, the angelic voice of her grandmother, family, love, heaven, and death. Every fire starts with a scratch. Every match is the symbol of fire. Have yourself a possibility to carry energy and to show your own flame.

2. Powerful Options

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